It’s tough to convey colors through photos, so here is a brief description of each of our Southern Honey Paints…

Baker – Deep bronze-ish gray. Looks especially nice on mid-century, or straight line pieces.

Barney – Deep steel gray.

Blanche – Deep cream color. Looks darker on the color chart than it does on a piece. Same tones as Mini Pearl, just has more colorant.

Brenda – Soft coral. Some would say peach, but since that sounds 1980’s to me, I say coral….

Claudie Bell – Deep vintage turquoise with a touch of gray to tone it down.  Is a top seller, especially when used on small items such as frames, etc.

Col. Whit – Silvery sage green. Beautiful on just about anything. Looks great with wood tones too. I often leave the top of a piece stained dark when using this color.

Coraline- peachy coral

Daisy – Bright, mustard type yellow. Sells especially well in sample size.

Edna – Gray based medium blue. Great as is, and also great mixed with other grays and greens we offer.

Ellie Mae – A soft green/blue/gray mix. It tends to take on the color around it. Sometimes it looks more blue, sometimes more green. Great to use when trying to achieve the look of old French or Scandinavian pieces.

Evelyn – Vintage inspired mint green.  Pastel without looking too harsh or “Easter egg” – ish.

Gladys- deep smokey teal

Jackson – Almost black. Graphite is a good description, but I don’t want to sound too much like a certain British lady… One of our top sellers.

Junebug – Bright, fun green. Looks fantastic with a dark wax as well.

Lillian – Soft, vintage inspired pink. In my opinion, the perfect soft pink. This color may take 3 coats over very dark colors.( but its worth it)

Loretta – Watermelon pink. Looks especially cute on curvy, girly pieces.

Lucy – Soft , warm yellow.

Luke- soft gray baby blue

Mary Ellen – Robin’s egg blue, with a touch of gray. Looks great with a variety of waxes as well. Top seller in both sizes.

Maurice – Navy blue. GREAT coverage . Looks especially good on pieces with straight lines.

Mildred – Lavender with a touch of gray. Please only use this on girly pieces or small items – I don’t want to be responsible for you painting great grandma’s china cabinet purple.

Mini Pearl – Far and away our #1 seller. The perfect “not-quite-white”. I like to use 3 coats to get it really opaque and rich, but that’s up to you!

Nannie – Good, old, plain white.

Otis – Hands down, has the best, quickest coverage of any of our colors. Grayed –down taupe color is a great neutral.

Shirley – Peacock blue, with a hint of gray. Looks great with a dark wax.

Stanley – Warm khaki/gray.  A neutral that will go with just about anything.

Stella – Another top seller. Soft, warm gray that works with anything.

Wilburn – A cooler, soft gray, It has a hint of blue undertones. It’s new, but has been a great seller when people see it on a piece in the store.